Building Energy Challenge
Date: 11/15/2023

Once again, KROME has won the “Supplier Mobilization” award at the Real Estate Energy Challenge, marking the third consecutive year! This is a significant achievement that underscores our ongoing commitment to improving energy performance and decarbonizing the real estate sector.

Congratulations to our clients CAPREIT and Toulon Development Corporation for their well-deserved trophies in the greenhouse gas reduction categories. It is recognition of their exceptional efforts and significant contribution to the fight against climate change.


We would also like to express warm thanks to our partners Charbonneau and MC Ventilation, who played a crucial role in the success of these winning projects. Their exemplary collaboration reflects our shared passion for decarbonization and sustainable success.

These victories showcase our operational efficiency and positive impact on the planet. It is a crucial step toward a more sustainable future with the use of environmentally friendly HVAC equipment.


About Krome

Krome offers innovative strategies that transform operational challenges into profitable, environmentally responsible and socially accepted projects for all proactive building owners.
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