Faro Montreal building has achieved ZCB-Performance certification
Date: 05/16/2023

We are proud to announce that one of our projects, BentallGreenOak’s Faro Montreal building, has achieved ZCB-Performance certification! We accompanied BentallGreenOak in the development, construction and certification of the project to achieve a zero carbon building. Thanks to the synergy of our teams and the collaboration of our partners Charbonneau and Les Entreprises Électriques D. Chouinard, we were able to contribute to the efficient decarbonization of the building and to meet the requirements of the Zero Carbon Buildings Program of Canada.

ZCB-Performance assesses carbon emissions from normal building operations, such as heating and cooling. The Standard includes stringent requirements for renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, heating and cooling system efficiency, building material efficiency and indoor air quality. Buildings that achieve ZCB-Performance certification are recognized as low carbon buildings that contribute to a low carbon economy. (Source: @CAGBC)

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